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still working

2010-09-04 15:26:15 by killamnjaro

well, as i speak i'm in an apple store in a mall with my cousin's friends. all... girls.... i cant quite keep up and all i can think about is "how the hell am i supposed to continue with "the melody" . so uh yea.... i actually kind of feel out of place here, I own a Zune and it's with me.


2010-07-08 01:55:40 by killamnjaro

take a look... I probably wont get a whole lot of time to work on it for the next week or 2, my relatives are visiting.


2010-06-15 16:12:18 by killamnjaro

i have decided i am going to make a basshunter song remix 2

not much going on...

2010-06-11 14:35:28 by killamnjaro

i have a bit of writers block. i cant think of anything for a new song, no melodies, no beats, no nothing.

first post...

2010-05-29 14:49:42 by killamnjaro

im going to canada this summer for about a month so for that time i will not be working on my song, celestial rave. (probably) so yea.